How To See The Doctor

Please call in, or telephone 0161 983 5198 to make an appointment.

Appointments are usually available within 48 hours, however it is possible for urgent cases to be seen on the same day. You may be asked some questions about your illness so that the urgency can be assessed.  You can also book your own appointments online. 

Every appointment is a ten minute slot. Whilst we endeavour to run all clinics on time, there may be occasions when the surgery is running slightly behind schedule.  A GP is not able to foresee what issues they will be presented with that day, and as such this sometimes leads to a surgery over running.  The GPs here are working very hard to ensure you are seen appropriately and we thank you for your patience during these times. 

Please remember that an appointment is for one person only and is for one problem. Should you require to speak to the GP regarding two separate issues, please inform a receptionist so they can offer you a double appointment. 

Same Day Child Access

Dr Lloyd has a policy in place to assess and/or see acutely ill children the same day. Please call the surgery should your child require an appointment that cannot wait until the following day.

Local Services, Let
Local Services, Let